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Doctor's Blend® Irish Sea Moss

Doctor's Blend® Irish Sea Moss

Superfood From The Sea


Doctor's Blend® Irish Sea Moss is a wildcrafted and organic superfood that gives you a powerful nutrient-rich punch in a single capsule.


Sea moss is an algae that grows naturally and abundantly along the Atlantic shorelines of Europe and North America. It contains 92 of the 103 essential minerals required by the body, which makes it essentially nature's multi-vitamin.


Immunity Support Higher Energy Boost Metabolism Joint Pain Health


This superfood naturally contains a number of nutrients that provide a wide range of benefits:


  • Amino Acids and Vitamin C provide immunity support.
  • A range of B Vitamins supports the nervous system to help manage stress and mood, and provide other benefits such as higher energy levels.
  • Calcium, Zinc, magnesium, manganese, and phosphorous contribute to healthy cell function.
  • Aids the body in producing collagen to support softer skin and healthier hair.
  • Rich in protein and fiber.
  • High iodine content to boost metabolism.
  • Multiple forms of potassium containing anti-inflammatory properties to provide joint pain relief.
  • 100% Money Back Guarentee

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