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Cardio 911® Sport Amino Plus

Cardio 911® Sport Amino Plus

Fruit Splash Flavor


Cardio 911® Sport Amino Plus provides the circulatory benefits that you have enjoyed from the original Cardio 911® with a twist! The extra nitric oxide burst is geared to athletes. Packed with ALL NINE ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS, this formula supports all aspects of your workout to get you energized, keep you going strong, and reduce recovery time.


Pre, Intra, and Post-Workout Formula


The essential Amino Acids are:


Leucine and Isoleucine - Assists with endurance, muscle development, and energy production.

Valine - Supports workout endurance while delivering nitrogen to all your organs.

Lysine - Assists in the synthesis of collagen and support for healthy immune and digestive systems.

Threonine - Helps heal damaged tissue for faster recovery and support skeletal muscle growth.

Tryptophan - Activates the production of serotonin and melatonin to create a relaxing effect.

Methionine - Aids in muscle growth and formation of creatine, which is needed for muscle energy.

Histidine - Coats cells for protection and helps produce red and white blood cells.

Phenylalanine - Converts into tyrosine to help with lethargy, pain control, and more.

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