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Doctor’s Blend® Vida Thrive Complete Multi-Vitamin

Doctor’s Blend® Vida Thrive Complete Multi-Vitamin

Orange Mango Flavor


Doctor's Blend® VidaThrive Complete in powder form is a refreshing and highly absorbable way for you to get a generous dosage of critical vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients that work synergistically toward overall health and wellness, as well as a burst of energy to support an active lifestyle. We want to help you not only optimize your daily life but more importantly, 'Thrive for Life’.


Our formula meets the recommended daily allowance for almost all key vitamins and minerals, with the exception being those minerals which come in plentiful supplies through food, of which you need to be more careful not to exceed the recommended daily values. In addition, VidaThrive Complete has five synergistic and comprehensive blends in support of total health and wellness:


  • Energy Blend - Packed with powerful superfoods and other ingredients that not only increase energy levels but also pack a nutritious punch.
  • Vital Health Blend - Gives special attention to critical body functions that are not covered in many multivitamins, including eyes, heart, brain, and more. CoQ10 and Quercetin are two featured ingredients.
  • Antioxidant Blend - A generous combination of fruits and vegetables to help neutralize free radicals, protect cells, and provide many other health benefits.
  • Digestive Blend - Focused on the importance of gut health by providing enzymes to support optimal digestive performance.
  • Trace Mineral Complex - Most people don't get enough of these critical micronutrients through their diet, so we include a 50 mg comprehensive blend in each serving.
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