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Doctor’s Blend® Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen

Doctor’s Blend® Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen

Unflavored - Mix With Your Favorite Beverage


Doctor's Blend® Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen with Vitamin C supports the daily healthy renewing of joints, hair, skin, and nails. Marine collagen is preferred by many people over bovine (beef) collagen because of its superior absorption and environmental concerns. By adding 100 mg of Vitamin C per serving, we not only give you a vitamin known for immune support but it also enhances absorption of the collagen to increase the benefits to your body.


Joint Skin Heart Health!


Although your body naturally produces collagen, production levels decrease as you age. By supplementing your diet with marine collagen, research has shown that the following benefits can be realized:


  • Joint health - Prevent and restore connective tissue and bone density. Relieve joint pain!
  • Skin Health - Help reduce wrinkle depth, thereby helping you look and feel young.
  • Heart Health - Help reduce arterial stiffness and bad cholesterol.
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