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Doctor's Blend® Quercetin Plus

Doctor's Blend® Quercetin Plus

With Bromelain, Zinc, and Rutin!


Quercetin Plus pairs the fantastic health benefits of Quercetin with complementary ingredients to produce a balanced formula that enhances your immune system and contributes to other aspects of overall health and wellness.


Immune Support Allergy Relief Anti-Inflammation


Quercetin Plus features Pure Quercetin, a flavanol compound found in plant pigments. It may not be as widely known as other immune products, but it can be a critical part of a balanced and effective supplement program because of its many proclaimed benefits. It can help fight free radicals to reduce the risk of numerous ailments and diseases. The Quercetin is combined with three ingredients:


  • Bromelain is a natural anti-inflammatory for soft tissues like lungs, nasal passageways, and bowels. Because of this, it can be helpful against seasonal allergy symptoms.
  • Zinc is widely known for its immune-boosting capabilities and ability to fight viral attacks. When combined with Quercetin, it can cross cellular membranes to more efficiently aid in inhibiting cellular replication.
  • Rutin is a flavonoid much like Quercetin. It can help support the bioavailability of quercetin, while also independently having a positive impact on many ailments such as allergy symptoms.
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