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Skinny Magic® Cleanse

Skinny Magic® Cleanse

We are exposed to hundreds of toxins daily. When you have excess fat, these toxins tend to get stored in the fat tissue. Before starting a weight loss regimen, and periodically thereafter, it is ideal to flush out these toxins that can poison your metabolism and inhibit weight loss. Skinny Magic® Cleanse is the perfect way to achieve these objectives.


Kick Start Your Weight Loss Program


Contributing ingredients include:


Cascara Sagrada Bark is known to stimulate the bowels and have a laxative effect.

Psyllium Husk is a soluble fiber that serves as a laxative but also promotes fullness and lowers cholesterol.

Barberry Root is used in traditional Indian medicine to treat diarrhea, relieve an upset stomach, and promote vigor.

Rhubarb Root is used in traditional Chinese medicine, primarily as a cure for digestive complaints.

Senna Leaf is a medicinal plant that contains natural laxative substances.

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