Vida Thrive Adult Multivitamin

Vida Thrive Adult Multivitamin

VidaThrive is a multivitamin focused on increasing your daily energy levels while providing essential key nutrients for overall health. The fast-paced lives many of us lead can produce increased levels of stress on the body. These stress levels can deplete the body of key minerals, leaving you feeling run down and fatigued.  VidaThrive goes beyond your average multivitamin to help you counteract these day-to-day effects.  By offering targeted blends VidaThrive impacts your overall health. Because we all know the goal is to do more than make it day by day, the goal is to Thrive for Life!

Our 3 Proprietary Blends Include:

Energizing Blend, packed with powerful superfoods that not only can increase energy levels, but also packs a nutritious punch!  

Digestive Blend, focused on the importance of gut health, this blend provides key enzymes to support optimal digestive performance!

Vital Health Blend, gives attention to all the things we forget! From eye health, brain health and more our vital health blend has you covered!


Doctor’s Blend® provides you with a 90 and 180 Count bottle of VitaThrive at a great price. All our supplements are proudly manufactured in the USA with quality in mind at a state-of-the-art GMP facility. We strive to ensure you receive the purest, safest, and highest quality product on the market.